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ISS Headquarters, Deer Park Office - Located in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is commonly referred to as the “energy capital of the world” and is a popular location for businesses throughout a range of industrial industries, including refining, pulp & paper, nuclear power, gas, petrochemical, aerospace, power, offshore, subsea, and more. As a business that specializes in providing industrial services for these industries, it’s no wonder why Industrial Specialty Services (ISS) has made Houston, Texas our home. ISS’s Deer Park headquarters in Houston, Texas is strategically located in Houston, Texas to provide all of the industrial services that businesses in varying industries throughout the city and surrounding areas may need.

Houston’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Port of Houston makes the city a magnet for energy and industrial-related businesses. In addition, Houston is home to technology-advancing research institutions and technology centers, which foster the highest level of innovation and collaboration for these high-impact industrial sectors. Houston’s diversified energy portfolio and global connectivity have made the city a hub for industrial businesses. Thanks to the city’s efficient and well-developed infrastructure, diverse and skilled workforce, business-friendly policies, and reasonable cost of living, countless companies in various industrial sectors have made Houston their focus.

ISS aims to help industrial businesses in and around Houston, Texas foster growth, innovation, and success by assisting in a variety of industrial services offered via our Deer Park office headquarters.

ISS Deer Park - Industrial Services in Houston, TX

ISS, headquartered in Deer Park near Houston, TX, offers a comprehensive range of industrial services, all of which are executed by our team of experienced and highly trained technicians. Conveniently located near the “energy capital of the world”, ISS can easily serve as your business’s go-to vendor for industrial services, including, but not limited to, the following:

Leak Sealing & Repair in Houston, TX

Tailored to meet the unique challenges, tight timelines, and specific hazards facing Houston-based industrial businesses, ISS adopts a dynamic approach to leak sealing and repair. Our team eschews the one-size-fits-all mentality, meaning we craft unique solutions for each leak we take on. ISS offers a comprehensive array of solutions to combat leaks for Houston businesses and ensures each leak-sealing solution is custom-tailored to our client’s specific problem.

Our technicians account for all factors, including size, temperature, pressure, and chemical composition of the leak itself. With ISS's adept leak repair team, based out of Houston, TX, our clients gain the potential to avert unwanted shutdowns, potentially saving millions in the process.

Houston’s Top Vendor For Hot Tap, Line Stop, and Pipe Freeze Services

Whether your business needs hot tapping, line stopping, or pipe freezing, ISS’s Houston team can help. With our safe, experienced approach, to hot tap, line stop, and pipe freeze services, your Houston-based business can rest assured that a custom solution is just a phone call away.

Field Machining Near Houston, TX

In an energy mecca like Houston, TX, field machining is a critical service for industries where equipment uptime is essential. ISS knows that field machining plays a significant role in preventing costly shutdowns and extending the operational life of machinery and structures. That’s why our team of skilled field machinists, backed by the latest in technology, are trained to work in challenging environments. With ISS, any Houston-based business can ensure that their equipment functions as safely and efficiently as possible.

Stud & Bolt Removal for Houston Businesses

When your Houston business is in need of the reliable and safe removal of studs, bolts, and pins, inexperience just won’t do. Stud and bolt removal is critical in industries where equipment reliability and safety are paramount, which is why ISS’s technicians are skilled and trained accordingly. Our team uses their expertise and specialized tools to safely and efficiently remove fasteners, sometimes in seconds, while minimizing heat build-up and damage to surrounding components.

Houston’s Go-To For Bolt Torque and Tensioning

Located in Houston, TX, ISS is a pioneering mechanical service provider specializing in bolting services. We offer our valued customers in the Houston area a complete suite of services for their bolted flange joint integrity requirements. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our highly qualified, seasoned, and versatile technicians who are dedicated to delivering safe, efficient, and dependable cost-effective solutions for flange joint integrity. Whether your project falls within the upstream, mid-stream, or downstream phases, ISS in Houston, TX, stands ready to provide top-notch services to meet your needs.

Line Isolation & Weld Testing in Houston, TX

ISS offers a comprehensive range of line isolation and weld testing solutions. Our arsenal of cutting-edge equipment is expertly designed to cater to pipelines ranging from ¾” to 36″ in diameter, and even larger when needed. Our specialized service enables the safe execution of hot work on open-ended piping by establishing an upstream vapor barrier, achieved through the utilization of a double block and bleed isolation plug. Trust us in Houston, TX, for all your line isolation and weld testing needs, ensuring the utmost safety and precision for your projects.

Houston’s Vendor For Heat Treatment

When Houston businesses need heat treatment services, ISS utilizes our state-of-the-art computer-controlled and encrypted system equipped with robust earth leakage protection features. Paired with an advanced control and expansion system, our team of highly skilled technicians delivers cutting-edge heat treatment processes that set industry standards. Our processes adhere to the stringent AWS D10.10 and WRC 452 codes, ensuring full compliance with all code requirements while delivering innovative control mechanisms and achieving highly efficient thermal results.

Metal Disintegration Services Around the Houston Area

Throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, ISS harnesses cutting-edge technology via its metal disintegration machines (MDM), boasting the most powerful units currently accessible worldwide. Our state-of-the-art metal disintegration technology showcases its prowess by efficiently eliminating a stud measuring 3 inches in diameter and 5 ½ inches in depth in under two and a half hours. Remarkably, this process leaves absolutely no damage to the female threads in the tapped hole. At ISS in Houston, TX, we pride ourselves on the capability to safely and effectively extract studs and bolts of diverse shapes, sizes, and metal compositions.

Valve Repair Services Near Houston, TX

ISS understands how crucial valve repair is in and around Houston, TX, which is why we specialize in the comprehensive repair of all makes and models of isolation valves, control valves, actuators, and positioners. ISS technicians bring their wealth of experience, factory training, and meticulous attention to every valve repair project. In addition, ISS techs collaborate closely with site project management to effectively manage costs and adhere to deadlines. We take pride in maintaining extensive repair libraries that guarantee our clients' valves undergo repairs that are meticulously aligned with the manufacturers' exact specifications.

Houston’s Premiere Provider For Engineered Composite Repairs

Engineered composite repairs are necessary to extend the lifespan of your business’s critical equipment and to maintain operational efficiency. ISS is committed to providing excellent repairs throughout Houston that enhance mechanical integrity and operation viability of vital systems, all while adhering to ASME PCC-2 standards. ISS seamlessly combines top-tier materials with customized engineering solutions, ensuring both compliance and integrity.

In addition, ISS has forged a strategic partnership with Dragon Industrial Wrap (DIW), which boasts impressive pressure and temperature capabilities. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the most demanding requirements in Houston, TX.