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Hot Tap | Line Stop | Pipe Freeze
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Hot Tapping is a method of safely drilling or cutting into a pressurized system while it is on stream and under pressure.

Line Stopping is the process of inserting a plugging head into a pipeline to temporarily block the flow of product or to isolate a section of pipe, thereby stopping the downstream flow of the product, allowing safe draining and intervention into the downstream side of the stop.

Pipe Freezing utilizes the contained flow of liquid nitrogen to create an “Ice Plug” in the line, allowing the downstream side to be drained and depressurized. This allows for safe intervention into the system for repairs such as valve removal or pipe cutting.

  •  ½ “–48″ diameter tap sizes
  • Boring bar stroke (reach) of over 120”
  • Available off the shelf for up to 1,220 PSIG @ 180 °F.
  • Available off the shelf 700 PSIG @ 700 °F.
  • Standard system designed for 1000 PSIG and 100 °F differential across the plugging head
  • Power driven with pneumatic motor drives or single or dual hydraulic motor drives
  • Full range of equipment
  • Cutter and pilot repairs with high-speed steel and/or carbide materials
  • Complete high-pressure pipe plugging system for temporary blockage of pipelines and pipe systems when isolation is not an option
  • Pivoting head is result of decades of design enhancement and refinement