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Field Machining
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Specialized field and shop machining services include flange facing up to 120 inches, drilling/tapping, precision line boring, standard and heavy wall pipe-cutting, and beveling as well as milling pump bases. Various methods include small and large-diameter boring bars, portable lathes, mag-base drills, specialty milling equipment, and metal disintegrators for time-sensitive stud or nut removal. Crucial measurements can be achieved using the Faro Laser Tracking system, finding coordinates in the X, Y & Z planes to ensure tolerances will be met for your critical machining project.

Shaft and Journal Turning

  • Up to 32″ diameter
  • O-ring grooves
  • Re-establish journal-bearing surfaces
  • Out-of-round gear seats on shaft
  • Resize shaft ends
  • Minimal disassembly
  • Affordable and portable alternative to major equipment disassembly, saving time and costs.

Pipe Cutting and Beveling

  • Up to 120″
  • Any wall thickness
  • All materials machined: carbon, stainless steel, chrome, P91, exotic alloys
  • Counter boring, taper boring, schedule reduction
  • Standard, compound and J bevels as well as special configurations
  • Valves, elbows, tees and other components
  • Minimal radial and axial clearance needed


  • Line boring
  • Hole boring in headers for weldolets and tube stubs
  • Boring of nozzles in vessels
  • Buckets, loaders and other articulated equipment
  • Valves, pumps and rotating equipment
  • Ship rudder bores 
  • Spot facing operations


  • Pump and motor bases
  • Exchange partition
  • Keyways in shafts
  • Access doors
  • Accurate milling, drilling and boring applications. Milling of large and small rectangular areas.


  • Up to and above 120″
  • All types: flat, raised face, RTJ and clamp-type flanges
  • Portable O.D. and I.D. mount machines
  • Weld build up removal to ASME B16.5

Faro Tracker Laser Alignment

  • Flatness Checks 
  • Out of Round 
  • Critical positioning 
  • Point to Point measurements